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(April Fools) Duo Security Acquired by RSA Security and EMC Corporation

Duo Security, the innovative leader in cloud-based two-factor authentication, announces today that they have been acquired by RSA Security and EMC Corporation.

Duo Security co-founder and CTO Jon Oberheide says of this surprise move, "We realized that while users appreciated the most secure and user-friendly authentication experience with Duo Push, they had an unquenchable nostalgia for the hardware tokens that their grandparents used to tell stories of."

RSA Security was not immediately reachable for comment. However, several suspected RSA employees stated that they were pleased with the acquisition: “Given the recent accusations between RSA and the NSA, we knew we needed a truly trustworthy company to partner with that will provide the transparency our customers demand.”

A product manager at RSA added, "We're excited to port over Duo's cryptographic libraries to our widely-celebrated BSAFE library. Also, stop asking questions about BSAFE...didn’t our PR agency already cover that?"

Supporters of the acquisition are hopeful that the partnership will lead to a global conglomerate focused on providing security to the top 1% of enterprises. One analyst commented, “The flexibility of Duo’s platform enabled it to be deployed to the organizations of all sizes. I expect that RSA will re-focus Duo’s efforts to only the most elite organizations that deserve the glory of SecurID platform.” Detractors were conveniently not available for comment.

Just kidding, April Fool’s, of course. We’re excited to bring continued innovation and value to the best damn two-factor product in the market. Thanks to our customers and fans for their support, and to our competitors for having a thick skin! ;-)