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Visiting Threadless in Chicago: A Duo Security Case Study

“I haven’t gotten a single complaint about it. Our overall experience with Duo has been extremely easy - that’s not something that always happens in the technology world.” - Tristan Hammond, IT Infrastructure Manager, Threadless

About a month ago, a couple Duobots hopped a train to Chicago, IL to post up at Threadless’ headquarters covered with wall-to-ceiling graffiti art, featuring designs and t-shirts hanging from every corner, with art spanning the bathroom walls. Oh yeah - and don’t forget about the half-pipe conveniently located inside their office for those impromptu skate breaks.

Threadless Logo

The creative space reflects the mission of Threadless, founded in 2000 to provide a platform for artists that want to contribute and support the art community. Completely crowd-sourced, the e-commerce art and apparel company lets its nearly one million users vote on original designs submitted by artists for consideration. In turn, Threadless gives back 20 percent of their profits of all designed merchandise to the artists that created the chosen designs.

Plus, they do cool blog interviews on their artists that they also commission to do work around their office - one example is Portland-based street artist Arrex that covered their men’s bathroom in his sweet trademark skull work, check it out!

So anyway, what were we doing there? Shooting a customer story with their IT Infrastructure Manager, Tristan Hammond, of course. The different teams at Threadless (engineers, developers, finance, product and creative) use Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service with their Juniper SSL VPN to keep their user accounts secure, and to meet PCI DSS compliance, as an online retailer.

While Threadless was using RSA as their two-factor provider, after suffering through a long and painful deployment process with several authentication errors post-setup, they decided to look for a new solution that was easy for administrators to deploy and manage as well as easy for employees to use.

Tristan found Duo Security on a referral from a developer friend, the former CTO of Obama for America, Harper Reed. They decided to go with Duo’s two-factor authentication solution for its ease of use, both for implementation and actual client use, as well as for its cost-effectiveness and per-user subscription-based payment model.

Find out more about their deployment and how they tested two-factor in their environment before rolling out to all of their users, completely replacing RSA, as well as watch the full video featuring shots from the Threadless headquarters in the Threadless Success Story.