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I, For One, Welcome Our New Algorithmic Overlords

Two weeks ago, we tasked Kyle from our Research and Development team with covering some common themes discussed at Black Hat and DEF CON. We want to bring these issues to both the security community that was in Vegas at the cons and those who kept an eye on the action from the outside.

Blackhat 2015, Defcon 23, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

You Built a Better Mousetrap? They Built Better RATs

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) have traditionally been known as tools that perform tasks such as installing additional malware or stealing files from an infected computer. They are often bundled with enticing software like free games or system utilities. RATs are nothing new, but their usage and related attack methods have changed recently in interesting ways.

Defcon, Defcon 23, Data Breaches, Remote Access Attacks, Remote Access Security

I’m Sorry, *You* Are… The Weakest Link

Kyle Lady of Duo Labs covers talks about the human factor — from social engineering to human vulnerability scanning — at DEF CON and Black Hat 2015.

Human Factor, Social Engineering, Blackhat 2015, Defcon 23