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Duo Trusted Mobile Endpoints Application Updates

Last Updated: October 10th, 2023



Enabling the Trusted Endpoints feature for mobile device management systems (like Workspace ONE or MobileIron) requires a software update of the Duo authentication package or plugin deployed in your web applications before Duo can verify the management status of iOS devices accessing those applications.

Learn how to update your Duo application software by locating your protected service or device below.

Don't see your Duo-protected application in the list? We're working hard to make updates available for all our supported applications. Contact Duo Support with any questions about your application.

Upgrade Instructions for Duo Applications

Duo Access Gateway

Refer to the Windows upgrade instructions or Linux upgrade instructions on the Duo Access Gateway documentation pages.

Duo Network Gateway

Refer to the upgrade instructions on the Duo Network Gateway documentation page.

Duo Web SDK

If you've added Duo web authentication to your application, update it to use Duo Web v2.6 as follows:

  1. Obtain the most recent client library from Duo's GitHub repository (Python, Ruby, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, ColdFusion, or Perl).

  2. Replace the Duo Web .js or .min.js file you're currently using with the Duo-Web-v2.js or Duo-Web-v2.min.js file extracted from the Duo Web client library package. You can verify that you're using the right version by looking for &v=2.6 (or later) within the .js file.

    Version 2.6 example:

    // point the iframe at Duo
         iframe.src = [
             'https://', host, '/frame/web/v1/auth?tx=', duoSig,
             '&parent=', encodeURIComponent(document.location.href),
  3. Ensure that your web application calls the new v2 version of the Duo Web .js file (as shown in the Duo Web documentation):

    <script src="/path/to/Duo-Web-v2.js"></script>

Please refer to the full Duo Web v2 iframe instructions or the [Duo Web v4 instructions)[/docs/duoweb) for more information about integrating Duo authentication into your web applications.

Upgrade Instructions for Other Applications

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

If you are using Duo with AD FS on Windows Server 2016 and later, refer to the Updating Duo for AD FS instructions on the Duo for AD FS documentation page.

There is no update available for Duo's application for AD FS 2.x.


Refer to the Updating Duo for Confluence instructions on the Confluence documentation page.


Refer to the Updating Duo for JIRA instructions on the JIRA documentation page.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Customers using Duo with Exchange 2010 or later should refer to the Updating Duo for OWA instructions on the OWA documentation page.

There is no update available for Duo's legacy application for Exchange 2007.


Refer to the Duo Integration Kit update instructions on the PingFederate documentation page.

Remote Desktop Web (RD Web)

Refer to the Updating Duo for RD Web instructions on the RD Web documentation page.


Refer to the Updating Duo for WordPress instructions on the WordPress documentation page.