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Duo for Everyone

Whether you’re protecting customer data or need to meet HIPAA compliance, Duo has you covered. Duo provides access security for a wide range of industries, including technology, education, federal, healthcare and more.

Cisco Wins SC Award for Best Security Company

With powerful, scalable security solutions to meet any need, Cisco is empowering companies worldwide to do their best work — and it shows. SC Media, one of the industry's most respected media outlets, has named Cisco "Best Security Company" as part of its 2021 SC Awards. Learn how our innovative technology and vision clinched the win.

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Securing Every Industry

Flexible to fit every industry’s unique needs, Duo’s trusted access solution integrates with all of your applications to protect your users and devices.


Protect access to student and employee logins, portals and data with Duo’s trusted access solution.

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Duo’s trusted access solution mitigates risks of data breaches and helps comply with NIST requirements.

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Duo helps healthcare organizations secure patient data by protecting EHR systems and e-prescription software.

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Secure access to confidential client data with Duo’s trusted access solution, providing easy two-factor authentication for law firms.

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Meet PCI DSS while securing access to your applications and customer cardholder data with Duo’s trusted access solution.

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Protect access to your applications and user data while reducing the risk of a data breach with Duo’s trusted access solution.

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Financial Services

Verify users’ identities and check device security health to keep financial data and online transactions out of the hands of criminals.

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Helping You Meet Compliance

Duo’s solutions for the workforce can help you satisfy industry compliance regulations that require or recommend strong multi-factor authentication, access security controls and device management. Learn more about how Duo can help you meet compliance here.

Establish the Foundation

Security Control Assessments

Frameworks such as NIST, CIS/SANS 20 or ISO 27001 have separated themselves as the best practice frameworks for organizations to assess their practices to protect sensitive data, and provide secure access to critical assets. Duo offers solutions that provide organizations with the ability to adopt the best practices outlined in these frameworks by providing organizations the tools to verify users and establish access policies for systems while permitting access only from known devices and sources.

Data Privacy Guidelines and Regulations

Regardless if your organization is subject to regional data privacy regulations like GDPR, or PIPEDA, or if you need to adhere to state specific legislation such as CCPA, Duo helps you implement strong technical controls to protect access to backend systems that contain sensitive data that falls under the data privacy guidelines and regulations. With Duo, organizations can check the security hygiene of user devices before granting access and block users with risky devices. These controls protects sensitive resources by giving organizations the ability to enforce policies granting access only to verified users from identified sources and provides reports for audit purposes.

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Protect Patient Data

Duo for HIPAA Compliant Security

Duo helps healthcare organizations meet HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) omnibus compliance requirements with easy to use authentication and access policies that don’t interfere with patient care. Duo’s ability to provide controls for the enforcement of security posture on the devices that are accessing sensitive patient health information with system reporting can help provide evidence of device encryption in the event that equipment is lost or stolen.

Duo for EPCS

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) requires practitioners to use strong multi-factor authentication to access electronic prescription applications to sign prescriptions for controlled substances. That MFA solution must meet at least the criteria of FIPS 140–2 Security Level 1. Duo’s authentication methods were reviewed by Drummond Group, a DEA accredited security auditor, to meet EPCS requirements.

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Protect Financial Data

Duo for PCI DSS Security

Duo can help you meet PCI DSS standards by protecting credentials with strong two-factor authentication, and limit access to cardholder data with strong access controls. Duo’s device insights provide visibility into the devices being used to connect to systems storing sensitive information and enables organizations to establish security policies that prevent unauthorized access. Learn more about Duo for retail.

Duo for Financial Services

Financial Services organizations – insurance providers, banks, brokerage firms and others - often have regulatory controls beyond PCI DSS that include things like FFIEC, NYDFS and NAIC, which require not just the implementation of strong authentication controls, but require access controls to ensure that only verified internal or external users can gain access to systems.

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Duo’s Compliance

Due to the type of information that we handle and process we aren’t subject to all of the same compliance guidelines as many of our customers. However, as a security company, Duo uses those guidelines to focus on customer needs. To learn more about Duo’s compliance please see our Security and Reliability area.

Solutions for Every Security Use Case

Whether you need to secure unmanaged devices or access to the cloud, Duo’s trusted access is a solution for every need.

BYOD Security

Mixing personal devices and work data can be a security nightmare, as IT has no visibility into these devices and much less control than ever, weakening the overall security profile of a company.

Regain control and secure your BYOD environment with Duo’s Unified Endpoint Visibility and device access policies to block login attempts from risky devices based on location, network type, software version and more.

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Cloud Security

Secure data no matter where it is - both on-premises and in the cloud with Duo’s trusted access solution.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with enterprise cloud apps for ease of use and administration. As a cloud-based solution, Duo can quickly scale to meet your company demands.

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint security used to require installing an agent on your users’ devices. But they prove ineffective for security since new threats emerge faster than agents can be updated.

Duo provides a streamlined solution to get insight into the security health of your users’ devices and the ability to enforce device access policies - all without the use of the agent.

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Mobile Security

Living in a mobile-first world means there’s an app for every need - and a ton of confidential data accessible online. Organizations need to ensure both devices and data are secure.

Duo gives you insight into the security health of your mobile devices and the mobile security controls you need to strengthen your security profile, without installing an agent.

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Security & Reliability

Find out more about the different compliance regulations Duo can help you meet, including FIPS, SOC 2 and much more.

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Cover of Passwordless: The Future of Authentication eBook

Passwordless: The Future of Authentication

Tech and security analysts predict enterprises will shift to passwordless authentication for their users to enable modern digital transformation. In this white paper, we discuss the passwordless future and the path toward passwordless authentication.

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