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Protecting Against Ransomware: Zero Trust Security for a Modern Workforce

In this guide, we explain:

  • The origins of this predatory subgroup of malware
  • Why ransomware’s infectiousness has increased, and its proportionality with “work-from-home” policies
  • What a ransomware attack can look like
  • Why ransomware infections can be difficult to detect
  • How to prevent these debilitating attacks through an adoption of zero trust principles

Never Trust, Always Verify

Here at Duo, our zero trust platform effectively prevents many ransomware attacks. Through an in-depth evaluation of the history, growth, and modern procedures used in a ransomware infection, we have produced this robust security strategy to help organizations protect themselves from falling victim.

The guide will show you how our product integrates a triad of defense mechanisms; the first by helping you stop a ransomware attack before it even starts. Additionally, the platform aids in the mediation of existing threats, helping you identify and circumnavigate the infected areas of a system. Lastly, zero trust will assist in the broad-spectrum defense of your critical assets-- even in the midst of a full-fledged ransomware infection.

We also strive to help you understand the multi-faceted components of ransomware attacks themselves, not only to highlight the gravity of this threat, but also to aid in your organization’s awareness as a whole. From there, you’ll learn about how our simple defense tactic, never trust, always verify, can help surmount every intricacy of a ransomware attack.

Because ransomware evolves so quickly, implementing preventative measures now is vital to company, employee and client safety in the future. It can be difficult to recover from an attack, but Duo’s security strategies can help prevent and contain infections at every stage.

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You can prevent a ransomware attack, and we’d like to show you how!