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Duo Security

Welcome Webex Customers

Use Duo's out of the box integration to secure access to Webex.

  • Mitigate risk of data loss, such as sensitive messages and files, due to stolen credentials
  • Get visibility into users, on-campus or remote, accessing Webex
  • Assess posture of all devices, including BYOD and block non-compliant or risky devices
  • Develop a Zero Trust access security framework for the organization and achieve compliance
  • Extend secure access to all your cloud and on-prem applications for a consistent user experience

Offer Details

Cisco Webex and Duo offer when you purchase them together. Also applies if you are an existing customer and add on the other solution.

  • Get 3 months of free Webex licenses with a 12-month contract and 6 months with a 24-month+ contract
  • Get 5 free Duo Access licenses per year

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