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Duo Security is now a part of Cisco

About Cisco

Secure access to your TridentHE deployment with Aegis Identity and two-factor authentication from Duo Security.

Add additional security to your TridentHE deployment by enabling multi-factor authentication to the Admin Console for delegated administration. This integration will leverage the policies configured in Duo Security to challenge your users with additional authentication prompts during the login process.

Aegis Identity Software is based in Denver, CO and provides a enterprise-class software platforms to serve the needs of cyber-security, digital identity management and access management. Aegis Identity brings contemporary, open systems technology to the SSO/IAM space, and is especially aware of the needs of both the Higher Education and K-12 markets.

Please contact Aegis Identity to learn more or for technical support.

Protection For Every Service

Duo Security integrates seamlessly into your VPNs, servers, and web applications to provide two-factor authentication for all of your remotely accessible services.

Works With Any Mobile Device

Whether online or offline Duo supports a variety of authentication methods including smartphone mobile apps, cell phones, landlines, and tokens. Users can have multiple devices and choose their preferred method during login. Learn more »

  • Choose Duo Push to get a login request sent to your smartphone. Then just review the details and tap 'Approve' to log in.
  • You can also generate one-time passcodes for login without an internet connection (great for airplanes!).
  • Duo can send a batch of passcodes via a text message, providing a fallback for times when your phone doesn't have cell reception.
  • Prefer to keep it simple? Duo can call any phone number. Just press a key to quickly authenticate.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

Most customers get their first Duo integration up and running within 15 minutes. Check out the documentation to see how to configure Duo with your remotely accessible service.

Once deployed users set up their phones as authentication devices using Duo’s self-enrollment process. User-friendly guides are provided online.

The Duo Admin Panel provides a powerful management console for your IT staff. Forgotten phones? Lost tokens? Administrators can help employees set up new phones and get temporary bypass codes. All authentication attempts and admin actions are fully logged and able to be quickly filtered.

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