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Find out how Cisco Zero Trust makes the lives of CISOs in Higher Ed easier

This guide will help you:

  • Understand and articulate the realities and challenges that CISOs experience in today's security landscape
  • Educate stakeholders on the importance of a zero trust approach to security
  • Explain the benefits of a zero trust approach to students, staff, faculty and administrators

Cisco Security Zero Trust for Higher Education CISOs

K-12 CISOs can discover cost-saving school district solutions here We've built this guide to help you better understand the value of a zero trust approach to security, and aid in getting buy-in from stakeholders. Higher education institutions can no longer rely on traditional cybersecurity measures to protect the data they handle.

As a CISO in this industry, it's your goal to maintain your institution's integrity so that everyone on your network not only feels safe, but is safe. We'd like to help you understand how you can maintain this integrity through distrust; more specifically, Cisco Zero Trust.

This guide will walk you through our robust security strategy and additionally serve as an educational tool for the students, staff, administrators – even stakeholders – that Cisco Zero Trust will help protect. See how implementing this comprehensive, user-friendly and modern security solution will make the lives of you and every user at your institution easier than ever before.

Find out how Cisco Zero Trust can help you say YES to your faculty and students