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Securing the Modern Enterprise: A Guide to Duo for Enterprise Companies

With Cisco Duo, securing your modern enterprise workforce can be seamless. Get our whitepaper to explore which security challenges Duo can solve and how Duo’s Trusted Access platform supports a zero trust security framework. Duo is the cutting edge, future-proof solution for your enterprise organization.

Download Securing The Modern Enterprise: A Guide to Duo for Enterprise Companies

In this whitepaper, you will learn

  • An overview of how Duo helps modern enterprises with their security challenges
  • The benefits of Duo’s Trusted Access platform to ensure the trust of users and devices for every application
  • How Duo offers a scalable, future-proofed solution that can reduce risks for your enterprise organization

Who’s it for?

  • CISOs who define and manage the organization's security strategy
  • CIOs and CTOs who make security a priority and aim to protect their organization
  • Security practitioners solving access management issues for the modern world
  • IT and security teams looking to protect and enable their orgs' digital transformation
  • Administrators that care about employee productivity and system stability
  • Analysts whose job is to prioritize risks and remediate vulnerabilities while proactively avoiding attacks
  • Interior page spread with the heading Executive Overview and subheading A Brief History.