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The 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report

Now Available: The 2021 Duo Trusted Access Report

In this report, you'll find:

  • An analysis of enterprise user behavior and device health
  • Results from thousands of simulated phishing campaigns
  • A closer look at different industries and the state of their device health

What does work look like today?

Cloud-centric and cloud-transitioning enterprises must support increasingly mobile, remote users. But threats against their identities and devices may put your company at risk.

A new enterprise security model must evolve to strongly secure both users and devices - adding more controls than a traditional perimeter-based security model.

What's Inside?

Download the full report to see our key findings:

User Behavior

  • Where are users authenticating from? Which industries see different trends in remote access?
  • In phishing simulations, how many users are opening emails, clicking on links and entering in credentials?
  • How many phished users are on devices running out-of-date operating systems or software?

Device Health

  • What types of devices are users authenticating into enterprise applications with? What kind of trends are we seeing in mobile usage?
  • Which operating systems (OS), browsers and plugins are out of date? Which industries are slow to adopt the latest versions?

Research Methodology

In this report, our security research team, Duo Labs analyzed Duo’s data on over 10.7 million devices and nearly half a billion authentications per month, spanning North America and Western Europe.

We also analyzed 7,483 phishing simulation campaigns conducted from mid-2016 to April 2018 on more than 230,000 recipients via the Duo Admin Panel and free Duo Insight tool.

A Zero-Trust Security Model

A zero-trust security model can help you secure against remote access threats outlined in this report, such as phishing, stolen credentials and out-of-date devices that may be vulnerable to known exploits and malware.

Duo Beyond delivers a zero-trust security platform that enables organizations to base application access decisions on the trust established in user identities and the trustworthiness of their devices, instead of the networks from where access originates.

Learn more about Duo Beyond and get a free 30-day trial at