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Bad Apples - Getting to the Core of iOS Vulnerabilities

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While the Android Stagefright vulnerabilities have garnered a lot of attention lately for being difficult to patch and update, these challenges aren’t unique to Android - they’re a problem for all mobile platforms.

At Duo Labs, we’re a bit more curious about the state of iOS updates. Since Apple manages both hardware and OS, we wanted to find out if the situation was better or worse than Android’s. Here’s our synopsis of our research, and recommendations for practical ways to keep your iOS devices secure.

Our Results: 50 Percent of iPhone Users Running Old iOS

We found that half of all iPhones in use today are running iOS 8.3 or lower, which was released 5 months ago. That means they’re missing updates addressing over 100 known vulnerabilities that were fixed in iOS 8.4 and 8.4.1.