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Better Identity & Access Monitoring with Exabeam and Duo

In this webinar you will learn how the joint Duo and Exabeam solution:

  • Supports zero-trust principles, beginning with continuous, strong user authentication and device verification
  • Leverages fully or partially automated playbooks to identify and reduce the threat posed by risky user behavior
  • Increases operational efficiency by providing higher accuracy alerts for security analysts, helping save time and resources

Cloud applications, remote workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) policies have made the traditional security perimeter increasingly porous and vulnerable through stolen user credentials. Security teams often find it difficult to keep up with the avalanche of security events they need to investigate, let alone take swift action to prevent and remediate security incidents.

In response, Duo and Exabeam have partnered to deliver a robust identity monitoring solution that enables organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats in real-time, saving them time and critical resources.

Join Aaron Hanson and Rahul Hirani from Duo Security and Trevor Daughney and Resha Chheda from Exabeam on January 30, to learn how you can evolve your security toolset using Exabeam and Duo services together.

Presenter Info

Aaron Hanson, Technology Partner Manager, Duo Security
Vishal Gupta, Technology Partnership Manager III at Duo Security
Trevor Daughney, VP of Product Marketing
Resha Chheda, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Exabeam