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Datto & Duo for Secure Access: What’s the Deal?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Panurgy selected the Datto and Duo solution
  • Why 2FA is an essential part of web security
  • How 2FA works within the Datto Partner Portal
  • Which 2FA form factors are supported by Duo

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. That’s why earlier this year, Datto partnered with Duo Security to implement one of the most important resources for advanced secure access -- Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA.

Datto customer, Jeff Reingold of Panurgy, will join us to talk about how he chose Duo and Datto, and lessons learned since he implemented the combined solution.

With 2FA, Datto customers will experience protection into the Partner Portal while accessing critical applications for their businesses. Risks associated with compromised passwords are minimized since the password alone is useless without the approval of the verified user through a second source of authentication, like a phone or token. And, Datto customers now have the ability to see, track and report on all end user devices from a single dashboard.

Join Greg Wissler from Datto, Jacob Heisey from Duo, and Jeff Reingold from Panurgy for a grounded, example-based discussion on the value of Duo Security’s secure access toolkit for your customers.

Presenter Info

Jeff Reingold, Sr. Vice President of Services and CTO at Panurgy

Jeff Reingold is a founding partner and the Sr. Vice President of Services and CTO for Panurgy. He spends his time overseeing the day-to-day client service delivery organization, including the help desk, network operations center, project management, and network engineering. Jeff is also responsible for strategic technical direction of the organization, evaluating new technology and vetting potential new partners and services. Outside of work Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, three dogs, and sporting clay shooting.

Greg Wissler, Principal Product Manager at Datto
Jacob Heisey, MSP Solutions Engineer at Duo Security