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Duo + Microsoft = Partner Opportunity

You'll learn how to:

  • Help your customers gain security insight into every personal and corporate device accessing their Azure AD applications
  • Provide your customers with an easy and consistent user authentication experience for a wide range of Azure AD and on-premises applications
  • Enable custom policies for secure access to specific cloud applications, based on the trust level of the user and device
  • Take advantage of Duo’s Partner Programs to grow your business with incremental revenue opportunities via Duo’s technical integration for Microsoft and other vendors

Many organizations are moving their Microsoft identity (Azure Active Directory) and productivity (Office 365) workloads to the Microsoft cloud. As they migrate, they must move their security alongside their application stack, since credential theft and vulnerable devices continue to be top security concerns in the age of cloud and BYOD.

Through a new integration between Duo and Azure AD, organizations can take advantage of a full cloud identity and authentication platform, eliminating time and money spent securing on-premises components such as directories and federation and authentication servers.

Join us on this webinar where Partners will learn how Duo can help your customers stay secure during this migration.