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Duo MSP Program Quarterly Partner Update

Join Duo for our quarterly MSP partner update. During this live webcast you’ll:

  • Learn about what’s new with the MSP Program
  • Get up-to-date information on new Duo product features and releases
  • See how Duo’s APIs can be leveraged to improve the Service Reports you deliver to your clients
  • Hear from the Duo MSP community to uncover best practices to leverage Duo in your business

Since launching the Duo Partner Program in 2017, more than 2500 partners have signed up to help their customers better protect access to critical resources. We are committed to giving our partners the information and attention to succeed, and as part of this effort we are launching a quarterly series of webinars to fill our partners in on the latest and greatest.

Watch our latest webinar for the latest on the MSP program’s progress, updates, success stories, and best practices for your own conversations with clients!