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Duo Security Summit 2015: Perspective on the Industry


Duo hosted an exclusive Security Summit conference in San Francisco in 2015, welcoming infosec professionals and industry leaders to discuss new security strategies and technology.

The event kicked off with a word from Duo’s co-founders on Duo’s Viewpoint and Vision, with CEO Dug Song and CTO Jon Oberheide.

In their opening statement, they acknowledged that the information security industry has advanced to offer more specialization and better security - freeing customers from the need to develop or maintain their own app services.

Yet, even as security gets better, data breaches are getting worse. The tech terrain has shifted dramatically - even though we’re deploying the same technology as we used to, the ground beneath us is starting to shift. “The world has changed. Security has not.”

Watch the video to find out the three solutions proposed by Dug and Jon to evolve security in this new world.