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Duo Tech Talk: A Behind the Scenes Look at Creating DARPA's Cyber Analytic Framework

Originally aired: Monday, October 27, 2014

  • Learn about the Analytic Framework for Cyber used by DARPA
  • Find out how they evaluated and measured the success of security solutions
  • How defense in depth can increase your attack surface

Member of L0pht and Cult of the Dead Cow, Peiter C. Zatko (Mudge) presents on the Analytic Framework for Cyber he created while he was working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The agency still uses this framework today to evaluate and determine the areas of research they should pursue in computer and network security and exploitation.

Presenter Info
Peiter C. Zatko (Mudge), Director, [Undisclosed]

Peiter C. Zatko, better known as Mudge, was a member of the high profile hacker think tank the L0pht as well as the long-lived computer and culture hacking cooperative the Cult of the Dead Cow. In 2010 Mudge accepted a position as a program manager at DARPA where he oversaw cyber security research. Mudge now works for Google in their Advanced Technology & Projects division.