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Duo Tech Talk: Car Hacking with Chris Valasek

Originally aired: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  • Learn about research on car hacking, including Ford Escape and Toyota Prius
  • See a demo of how data can be read and written to the CAN bus
  • Including any commands that can allow you to control automobile functionality - like steering, brakes, horn, seat belts and more

Chris Valasek presents on his and Charlie Miller’s security research on the different cars they examined, Electronic Control Units (ECUs), standards and protocols used within Controller Area Network (CAN), and CAN message injection - including how data can be read and written to the CAN bus in order to control automobile functionality, including steering, brakes, horn and more.

Presenter Info
Chris Valasek, Security Lead, Uber ATC

Chris Valasek, Security lead at Uber ATC. Valasek was one of the first researchers to publicly discuss automotive security issues in detail. He released code, data and tools that allowed vehicles to be physically controlled through the vehicle’s CAN bus. Valasek specializes in offensive research methodologies with a focus on reverse engineering and exploitation. He is also the Chairman of SummerCon, the United States’ longest standing hacker conference.