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Duo Tech Talk: .NET Reversing and Exploitation for Snacks

Originally aired: Tuesday, July 01, 2014

  • Learn about .NET reversing and different types of obfuscation
  • See how to reverse popular .NET RE tools in attempts to modify their behavior

Security Engineer Kelly Lum covers the current state of the art in .NET reversing, down from PE format of .NET assemblies through various types of obfuscation, and into reversing tools and techniques. She also explores reversing popular .NET RE tools in an attempt to modify their behavior.

Presenter Info
Kelly Lum, Security Engineer, Tumblr

Kelly Lum has "officially" worked in Information Security since 2003, and is currently a Security Engineer at Tumblr where she brings her decades worth of application security experience in the financial and government sectors to the microblogging world. She regularly speaks about reverse engineering at various conferences, including Black Hat, SummerCon, and COUNTERMEASURE. Additionally, she teaches as an adjunct professor of Application Security at NYU.