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From Legacy Tokens to Modern and Scalable: A Customer’s Journey With Duo

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Duo Security customers migrating from legacy solutions have gotten their first integrations working start-to-finish in minutes
  • Lessons from prior customer deployments to easily manage your local and cloud security, and make your rollout painless
  • About education, reference, and documentation tools created to de-stress the implementation process

Today’s workforce is more demanding than ever. Employees want technology solutions that are mobile, easy to use, and give them the freedom to work wherever they are. Unfortunately, many legacy security solutions aren’t built for today’s hybrid security environments with a mixture of local and hosted resources, and integrating them with your cloud offerings can be a challenge to IT and security teams.

Join us for a walk in the shoes of a new Duo customer making the switch from a legacy solution, from creating your Duo account all the way to getting users enrolled. Duo has helped hundreds of businesses make the switch for authentication and access control solutions. We make security painless, so you can focus on what’s important -- register today, and come find out why the grass is greener on the Duo side!

Presenter Info

Josh Green

Josh Green is the Solutions Engineer for Duo Security’s London office, providing pre-sales engineering support for organizations of all sizes. He works closely with everyone from CIOs, CISOs, IT Security, IT management and staff on product education, planning and deployment of Duo Security products. Josh has been working in the cybersecurity space for the past 7 years dealing with Identity Management, Vulnerability Management, and Authentication. He speaks 4 languages, and in his spare time, enjoys learning new ones.