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Enabling the Future of Zero Trust With Continuous Authentication

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Provide frictionless login experience for your users while maintaining continuous authentication
  • Mitigate real-world attack scenarios through the integration of IAM and Layer 7 technology
  • Easily set up Duo and Signal Sciences together to protect your users, applications, and data

Private cloud infrastructure continues to be a top security challenge for organizations. Fifty percent of CISOs surveyed in 2020 continue to find protecting their cloud infrastructure to be very or extremely difficult to defend. This concern is compounded as organizations are rapidly accelerating their digital transformation and adopt more cloud- and hybrid-solutions, expanding their environment beyond the traditional perimeter. For guidance, many leaders have turned to zero-trust strategies that establish user and device trust each time an access decision is made — but if usability isn’t made a priority in this transition, these new processes can be cumbersome and create user friction.

Security needs to be both effective and intuitive for users, supporting their ability to work rather than presenting a roadblock. Duo and Signal Sciences provide zero trust with continuous authentication that is seamless. By pairing continuous anomaly and security event monitoring with the identity tools already in use, organizations can design a zero-trust model for their expanded perimeter.

Join Aaron Jahoda from Signal Sciences and Landon Greer from Duo Security to learn how you can streamline secure access to everything from web applications to SSH server for your users while retaining visibility and control both at the point of access and throughout a user's session.

Presenter Info

Aaron Jahoda, Signal Sciences

Aaron Jahoda manages a team of Sales Engineers at Signal Sciences, where they help companies secure their ever-evolving web application environments. Aaron loves solving interesting problems in the most efficient way possible, and throughout his career has wrangled technology spanning from content management to edge delivery networks to application security. A fan of rock climbing and playing music, Aaron happily resides and works in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Landon Greer, Duo Security

Landon Greer is a Product Manager at Duo Security overseeing the Duo Network Gateway which allows customers to protect on-premises HTTP/S applications and SSH servers with multi-factor authentication. Landon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University in Information Assurance & Cyber Defense. In his free time, Landon enjoys snowboarding, hardware hacking, and automotive fabrication.