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How Duo Security MFA Helps Secure EPCS

Originally aired: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the healthcare industry’s threat landscape
  • An explanation of ECPS and its protection requirements
  • A look into Epic Hyperdrive and how Duo MFA helps protect it against prevalent healthcare threats

Controlled substances are often in the news for both bad and good reasons. In the wrong hands, when they are not prescribed appropriately by medical professionals, they can lead to addiction or other serious health issues. Therefore, government agencies like the DEA and FDA have created strict policies and procedures for prescribing controlled substances to ensure they get into the right hands.

Some organizations, like Epic, enable physicians with authority to transmit electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) to pharmacies. Duo Security ensures those transactions are protected with multi-actor authentication (MFA).

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Duo Security Product Marketing Managers, Desdemona Bandini and Matt Brooks, present an overview of the healthcare threat landscape and discuss how Duo Security integrates with Epic Hyperdrive’s leading EPCS service to provide MFA for protection of prescriptions against cyber threats.