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How to Build, Measure, and Scale Your Security Engagement Program

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Strategies and tactics for designing your engagement and awareness program, and avoiding security culture debt later
  • The metrics to consider when measuring your program’s success, and the importance of establishing a historical baseline
  • How to build a scalable engagement program that can mature with your security organization’s needs

When it comes to security education, time is even more valuable than money: in a SANS survey, admins listed communication (15.98%) nearly three times as often as money (5.94%)* as a major challenge to increasing security awareness. Few organizations have dedicated full-time roles for engagement and awareness, so security teams and admins must balance these projects with everything else on their plate. And once launched, these programs must be maintained and matured to fit the evolving needs of your organization.

With time in short supply and a clear need to improve the human element of security, having a strong strategy and focusing on the right areas is of paramount importance. Join us for an educational discussion on designing, scaling, and tracking the success of your engagement program with Kat Sweet from Duo Security’s Corporate Security team.

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Presenter Info

Kat Sweet

Information Security Analyst