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How Zero Trust Accelerates Incident Response

Originally aired: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Watch this free, on-demand webinar to learn more about the benefits of adopting a zero trust security. Join us to experience:

  • Insights from TK Keanini, Cisco Secure Chief Technology Officer (CTO), on the impact of zero trust on security resilience
  • A discussion with Brad Garnett, Director of Talos Incident Response, on how zero trust can accelerate incident response
  • Real examples of zero trust in action
  • A deep-dive into how zero trust can build security resilience beyond remote user access

Zero trust adoption is increasing in popularity and for good reason: implementing zero trust framework can help enhance security resilience and help accelerate incident response. Whether you're new to zero trust or looking to deepen your understanding of it, this webinar is a great opportunity to learn from top experts in the field. Join us and discover the power of zero trust.