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Journey to Application Modernization

As adoption of cloud applications continues to rise, organizations migrating from traditional solutions discover a different set of security concerns that need to be addressed. Microsoft’s Office365 (O365) cloud productivity suite is the most adopted cloud application globally, and supports a key security function for your organization: email. Email remains a prime attack vector for cybercriminals to deliver phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks in pursuit of user credentials or data. One of the most effective and foundational protective measures for email is securing access with the use of strong multi-factor authentication (MFA), rather than relying on username and password alone. Despite this, even today only 45% of businesses are using MFA.

Learn how Cisco’s security tools, Duo and Cloud Email Security, work together to deliver a comprehensive solution that protects customers and enables cloud adoption.

Presenter Info

Ted Kietzman, PMM, Duo Security

Ted has spent his career accelerating growth at SaaS startups. He has an MBA from Emory University and a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Bowdoin College. He enjoys fine cheese plates, board games, and watching videos of Richard Feynman explaining the world.