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Maturing A Zero-Trust Strategy for the Extended Enterprise

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How networks have changed
  • What zero trust is and is not
  • Tips to protect the modern extended enterprise

A 20th century perimeter-based security approach won’t work for securing the modern extended enterprise. Today, organizations must secure a mobile workforce that uses a mix of corporate-owned and personal devices to access cloud-based applications and services, often from outside corporate networks. The zero trust access model delivers security without cumbersome and antiquated technologies. Attend this session to learn how the zero trust access model works, how leading organizations use this approach to secure access to their critical applications and data, and how you can implement this model in your organization in five logical steps.

Presenter Info

Zoe Lindsey

Zoe Lindsey is a Security Strategist and an early member of the Duo team, joining Duo in 2012 with a background in medical and cellular technology. In her time at Duo, she has advised businesses and organizations of every size on strong security policy and unified access security solutions, and for the last two years has shared best practices and recommendations at events and discussion panels including the 2018 RSA Conference in San Francisco.