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From MFA to Zero Trust: A Five Phase Journey to Securing the Federal Workforce

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where zero-trust is (and is not) most applicable in federal environments
  • A five-phased approach for implementing zero trust for the federal workforce
  • Anticipating and overcoming common impediments to progress on your zero trust journey

Mobility, IT consumerization, and cloud application advances have been slower to affect federal agencies than the commercial space. However, recent attacks aimed at the public sector have shown that a zero-trust approach, which focuses on the point of authentication to a resource (not a network) and accounts for modern access methods and protocols, will be necessary to protect the federal government moving forward -- and the recent Cybersecurity Executive Order has confirmed this approach. Fortunately, those responsible for securing the federal workforce can take advantage of battle-tested methodology built on years of data and experience from the commercial space.

Cisco has broken down zero-trust strategy into three logical categories: Zero Trust for the Workforce, Workload, and Workplace. Duo Security focuses on Zero Trust for the Workforce, which validates the trust of your users and the health of their devices before they are granted access to applications and systems, regardless of their location.

Join Tamara Elliott to walk through Duo’s recommended five-phased approach to the zero trust journey, with a federal twist. We will focus on best practices and practical advice specific to federal environments, and participants will leave with a concrete set of steps they can take to start, progress, or complete their zero trust approach.

Presenter Info

Tamara Elliott, Federal Sales, Duo Security