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Which Laptops Pose the Greatest Security Risks and Why

Watch the recording to learn:

  • How we approached the research, including a demo and technical overview
  • What we found and the risks to the enterprise
  • How you can best mitigate vulnerabilities like these

Experienced technical people have long believed that a new laptop purchased from retail sources should simply be wiped and rebuilt with a “clean” OS. Duo Labs purchased 10 different OEM Laptops from various international sources with the intention to analyze and publish the overall attack surface. This presentation will outline our project, findings, and discuss why this matters to the enterprise.

Presenter Info

Steve Manzuik

Steve is the Director of Security Research at Duo Security’s Duo Labs (@duo_labs) where he is responsible for our team of crazy researchers. Steve brings over 20 years of Information Security experience including roles at various product companies, consultancies and research teams.