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Powerful New Features from Duo Security with Jim Simpson

Duo Beyond provides increased security by addressing three main use cases for modern corporate IT environments:

  • Differentiating between corporate and personal devices
  • Limiting sensitive data access to only corporate devices
  • Limiting remote access to specific applications without exposing the network

Duo’s new edition, Duo Beyond, helps address security challenges as customers increase adoption of cloud applications and BYOD initiatives.

Duo Beyond is modeled after Google’s BeyondCorp security architecture - a radical shift from traditional perimeter-based security models. It assumes a zero-trust environment across the organization, ensuring that no traffic within an enterprise’s network is, by default, any more trustworthy than traffic coming in from the outside.

Join this webinar to learn about new features and enhancements for all Duo products, including the introduction of Duo Beyond.

Presenter Info

Jim Simpson, Director of Product Management

Before coming to Duo, Jim helped start Arbor Networks, a company that provides network security and management solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complex networks. He holds a patent for cloud mitigation services, and degrees in Computer Science and Japanese.

Trevor Hough, Product Manager

Trevor is a former penetration tester and social engineer, who now focuses on keeping these types of people out of customer environments. More recently, Trevor spent time at Arbor Networks and Symantec ensuring security was a top priority for customers.