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Ransomware: What’s the Prognosis for Healthcare?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why attackers target healthcare organizations, and why ransomware remains the largest threat facing healthcare this year
  • How attackers are shifting tactics as ransomware awareness and response grows
  • What you can do to protect your data and users

2016 proved to be a watershed year in the growth of ransomware, quickly becoming one of the top attack methods facing businesses. These attacks disproportionately affect healthcare organizations, a top ransomware target for access to health and financial records.

Even as the security industry adjusts to the increased frequency and severity of these incidents, attackers have diversified their goals in a ransomware attack. Where most notable attacks in 2016 held data hostage until receiving a ransom payment, evolving attacks now threaten public exposure, “aftershock” breaches targeting systems beyond the core business, and exporting as well as encrypting data.

Join us for an update on the state of the industry and a discussion with practical strategies and recommendations to protect your organization. We’ll also speak with Dan Bowden, CISO at Sentara Healthcare, for an executive perspective on a proactive approach to security.

Presenter Info

Dan Bowden

Dan Bowden is VP & CISO for Sentara Healthcare, a 12 hospital integrated delivery system with a health plan. Dan was previously CISO for The University of Utah Healthcare for almost four years. Dan has worked in cybersecurity and technology infrastructure for over 25 years in healthcare, higher education, banking, retail, and the military. Dan’s teams at both Sentara and University of Utah rollout out DUO.

Zoe Lindsey

Zoe Lindsey is Duo’s Advocacy Manager, where she educates and advises organizations with unique compliance challenges including the healthcare, government, and financial industries on strong security policy and trusted access solutions. She has been hooked on tech since getting her first Commodore 64 at age 10, and joined Duo with a background in cellular and medical technology.