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SC Media 20/20 Panel: Beyond the Endpoint

Originally aired: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Anywhere-anytime access to organizational resources has become a must-have for executives. Through the use of mobile phones, laptops and more, professionals at all levels expect to quickly connect to important data assets and applications stored in the cloud. But, as endpoints become blurred and the perimeter morphs into something new – where data resides in the cloud and on partners’ networks – the ability to protect applications, devices and identities changes as well. This webcast will look at how CISOs can defend their diverse computing environment against a new generation of attacks through better training, authentication and risk management.


Illena Armstrong VP, Editorial, SC Magazine


Dr. John Johnson Founder/CEO, Aligned Security

Dr. John Johnson has over 20 years of experience as an information security executive and thought leader. He is Founder/CEO of Aligned Security where he advises on industry trends and provides vCISO services. John began his career as a nuclear physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, before becoming Network Security Manager in 1996. John then served 17 years as global security architect for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company, where he managed security infrastructure and developed strategy and secure architecture solutions for risk management of a global corporate network, endpoints, industrial systems and the supply chain. John has developed and taught graduate cybersecurity courses since 2003. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and serves on various conference, industry and advisory boards.

Zoe Lindsey Advocacy Manager, Duo Security

Zoe Lindsey is Duo’s Security Advocacy Manager, where she educates and advises organizations with unique compliance challenges including the healthcare, government, and financial industries on strong security policy and Trusted Access solutions. She has been hooked on tech since getting her first Commodore 64 at age 10, and joined Duo with a background in cellular and medical technology.