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Significantly Improve Endpoint Security Without Agents

A recent Gartner survey that shows 77 percent of users access personal devices to do their work, a reminder that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here to stay. This presents opportunities as well as challenges: the modern workforce is more productive than ever, in part thanks to flexible options for working remotely. Duo Security’s own analysis of over one billion logins show that nearly 43 percent came from outside of the corporate office and network.

So how do you confidently protect access by all these endpoints in the wild? Your access policy might be excellently written, and you might even have an MDM solution in place with the intent to wipe BYO devices in the case they are lost or stolen. But if users avoid opting-in, that policy can be frustrating to enforce, and increases the likelihood users will look for their own shadow IT solutions.

Join Amanda Rogerson and learn how to make sure every endpoint, whether corporate- or user-owned, meet your security posture before they can access critical applications.