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[SNEAK PEEK] How Duo is Making Passwordless Progress Easier

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What developments have paved the road to passwordless
  • How Duo is preparing to help you securely and seamlessly transition to passwordless authentication
  • Which passwordless use cases will be available first, and what will follow

Saying “passwords are a pain” is so self-evident as to be redundant, and yet passwords have been one of the few constants in the field of information security. Why do we still use these credentials when we know the risks of lost or stolen passwords, the complexity of the password policies to strengthen them, and the cost of help desk tickets for password resets? While standards like WebAuthn can reduce reliance on passwords and measures like 2FA can reduce the risk of using passwords alone, the process of migrating to a passwordless environment will take time, smart strategy, and a toolset to support you. That’s where we come in.

Cisco recently announced passwordless authentication through Duo is coming, designed to support your current password-based access needs while enabling your migration to a passwordless workflow. Built on Cisco’s industry-leading zero trust platform, securing access for any user, from any device, to any application, the solution will provide one easy login to all the organization’s cloud applications.

Join this session with Duo Advisory CISO J. Wolfgang Goerlich and Product Marketing Manager Ted Kietzman to learn how Duo is brewing the antidote to your password headaches, what the passwordless workflow will look like, and where you’ll be seeing it first!

Presenter Info

J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO, Duo Security at Cisco

J. Wolfgang Goerlich is an Advisory CISO for Duo Security. He has led IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals, and advisory and assessment practices in several cyber security consulting firms.

Ted Kietzman, Product Marketing Manager

Ted has spent his career accelerating growth at SaaS startups. He has an MBA from Emory University and a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Bowdoin College. He enjoys fine cheese plates, board games, and watching videos of Richard Feynman explaining the world.