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Surprising Research Reveals Windows Machines Have Better Security Hygiene than Macs

Watch this video to learn about how to protect vulnerable endpoints. We'll also announce some new Duo features:

  • Trusted Endpoints: Gain complete visibility into Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD)
  • Trusted Endpoint Policies: Choose to permit only managed devices to access critical applications, including cloud applications like Salesforce and Box
  • Duo Network Gateway: Control which devices can access and protect on-premises network

Duo’s most recent research into endpoints accessing corporate networks reveals that 83% of Mac endpoints have out-of-date operating systems, compared to 72% for Windows endpoints. For browsers, 55% are outdated on Macs, compared to 34% on Windows.

Whatever platforms are in use at your organization, it’s likely you’re responsible for ensuring the health of the multiple devices your users may carry, and protecting them from the potential for exploit – so they can do their job without worrying about out-of-date browsers and operating systems.

Presenter Info

Jim Simpson, Senior Product Manager

Before coming to Duo, Jim helped start Arbor Networks, a company that provides network security and management solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complex networks. He holds a patent for cloud mitigation services, and degrees in Computer Science and Japanese.

Trevor Hough, Product Manager

Trevor is a former penetration tester and social engineer, who now focuses on keeping these types of people out of customer environments. More recently, Trevor spent time at Arbor Networks and Symantec ensuring security was a top priority for customers.