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The 3 Most Popular Phishing Attacks and How to Protect Your Data

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How attackers leverage the most popular phishing methods
  • How to quickly assess the vulnerability of your organization
  • What steps to take to prevent a potential data breach

This past year, over 5,000 new phishing sites were created each day. These numbers are projected to grow throughout 2017.

Why do attackers leverage phishing as their primary method of attack? Simply put: it’s easy. It’s easy because they exploit the one thing that will always be constant: human error. Despite all the advances in security, attackers know that they can rely on human error to gain access to your critical data. With phishing attacks on the rise and human error as a constant, it’s important for you to explore the inner workings of the most common forms of phishing attacks, and learn the best methods to stop them.

Presenter Info

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright is an R&D Engineer at Duo Security as a part of the Duo Labs team. He is the R&D Lead for Duo Insight, Duo’s free phishing assessment tool, and the creator of GoPhish, an open source Phishing toolkit.