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The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Edge: Penn State & Duo on the Zero-Trust Strategy

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Real examples from Penn State of how network topology has gotten exponentially more complicated
  • Why attackers have shifted from systems-focused to data-focused attacks
  • What the evolution of IoT and BYOD-rich environments means for security teams

We’ve come a long way from the days of mainframe systems and a security strategy that ended at the edge of your network perimeter. Few security teams are more familiar with this evolution than those working in higher education: between research labs and large student populations bringing in a fresh wave of their own devices every year, you’ve had a front-row seat to this network metamorphosis.

Penn State's Director of Identity and Access Management, Keith Brautigam, and his team are addressing these new challenges by adopting a zero-trust strategy. Duo is an integral element in that strategy, checking with each new connection whether a user and device should be allowed access. In this session with Steve Manzuik, Duo Lab’s Director of Research, they will explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) is unintentionally driving this perimeter-less movement through devices such as Industrial IoT (aka IIoT), wearables, and a unique new technology that is worth exploring for its wider implications: the hearable.

Join us for an expert discussion on why the perimeter is going the way of the dinosaur, how smart security teams are adapting, and what is coming next.

Presenter Info

Keith Brautigam

Keith Brautigam is the Director of Identity and Access Management at the Pennsylvania State University. He is responsible for the strategic direction and operation of University wide authentication, governance, and directory services. Keith has worked at two Big 10 Universities and in a large medical center. His 16 years of experience in IT and Information Security spans research and clinical settings, Research Administration, and multiple Enterprise IT organizations.

Steve Manzuik

Steve is the Director of Security Research at Duo Labs, where he is responsible for our team of crazy researchers. Steve brings more than 20 years of Information Security experience including roles at various product companies, consultancies and research teams.