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The Security Tips You May Not Know with Duo Labs

It seems like every news cycle brings headlines about organizations being hacked, new vulnerabilities surfacing, or attackers finding new ways to invade people’s privacy. With so many stories about security, how do you separate fact from fiction, identify marketing that masquerades as news, and avoid peddlers of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)?

Join Duo Labs for a sales-free, gluten-free, free-range look at important security news, vulnerabilities and current research. We’ll take a closer look to discuss how these issues impact organizations today, and how you can avoid ending up in the headlines.

Presenter Info

Steve Manzuik

Steve Manzuik is Director of Security Research at Duo Security’s Duo Labs (@duo_labs), where he oversees our team of intrepid researchers. He has more than 20 years of infosec experience under his belt, including roles at various product companies, consulting firms and research teams.