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The Skeptic and the Data: How to Bring Trust to Zero Trust

Originally aired: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Viewers will hear how zero trust programs can bring teams together on:

  • App Discovery and Identity Verification - which apps to prioritize when rolling out zero trust security policies and how to verify identity of the user and the health of the device
  • Asset Management – which are the most important assets, how to classify them, and how to assess the biggest risks facing them
  • Automations & Integrations – which workflows will deliver the biggest impact with the least amount of risk if we automate them

Like with most cybersecurity trends, zero trust has inspired a lot of skepticism – especially for practitioners on the front lines. Is this skepticism warranted? How can we prove the value of zero trust to convert the harshest critics into true believers? Where’s the data?

While many CISOs appreciate zero trust because it finally brings urgency for and clarity to their initiatives, this is not the case for everyone in the infosec community. Practitioners responsible for implementing zero trust security controls are some of the biggest skeptics when it comes to measuring the value of zero trust use cases and capabilities.

In order to make progress towards zero trust security, it’s critical to get everyone on board – from the most passionate executive to the most cynical security analyst. Listen to our experts talk through these challenges and how to gain consensus, referencing field data from more than 5,000 professionals whose organizations are embarking on zero trust.