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You've Got MFA! Now What?

Learn how you can:

  • Reduce risk of phishing
  • Reduce attack vectors for account takeovers
  • Improve experience by giving users more control over when and how they update

So you've chosen a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. Nice! But what's next? Principal Security Strategist Wendy Nather is your guide in this video.

Some organizations limit their usage of MFA to privileged or remote users, thinking that regular users are less vulnerable. But given that people often reuse personal passwords for work applications, only rolling out MFA to some groups can put your data center at risk of phishing and account takeovers.

Plus, deploying MFA is just one piece of the puzzle. Even with MFA, people may still be at risk of getting phished or unintentionally downloading malware. You can mitigate this by ensuring that only healthy devices that meet your standards may access your applications. And it’s not just good for your organization; it also gives people a better experience by offering them more control over when and how they update.