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Zero Trust Remote Authentication for PeopleSoft

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Leading security use cases where MFA is a best practice to reduce risk
  • Challenges for integrating MFA with PeopleSoft and how to solve them
  • How PeopleSoft/MFA integration can limit user pushback and adoption can be embraced across the organization

As many organizations expand policies and procedures to enable remote workers, the ability to maintain strict authentication measures into critical business applications like PeopleSoft has never been more important. Many are turning to adaptive multi-factor authentication to be the primary strategy.

An adaptive MFA solution is built on zero-trust principles, where no access is trusted by default. By leveraging contextual attributes (IP origin, time of day, whether the device used meets your security policy), organizations can adapt their authentication challenges to accurately reflect the level of risk a user’s access might pose and employ granular policy controls. Using an adaptive MFA is the best way organizations can maintain strong authentication strategies, while limiting user friction and push-back that can slow your rollout.

Join Greg Wendt from Appsian and Ginger Leishman from Duo Security to learn how to ensure your PeopleSoft systems meet the identity and access management demands that modern data security threats require!

Presenter Info

Greg Wendt, Executive Director Security Solutions at Appsian

Greg Wendt is an Oracle® PeopleSoft security expert. During his 17 year career, he has been recognized as a leader in data security, application architecture and business operations. He served as ERP Application Architect at TCU where he was responsible for TCU’s PeopleSoft system and was Chairman of the Higher Education User Group’s multinational Technical Advisory Group (HEUG TAG). Greg has led criminal justice and cyber security courses focusing on hacking techniques.

Ginger Leishman, Technology Partnerships Manager of Duo Security

Ginger has a background in commerce, mobile and strategic technology partnerships. She enjoys learning and working with Duo's partners to build integrations together that will provide strong security for our customers.