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The Challenge

We spoke with Adrian Romano, Information Security Manager for Betsson Group, about what motivated him to seek out a user authentication solution.

“As a company in the online gaming industry, we work hard to ensure that our customers’ and employees’ data is safe and secured. As such, two-­factor authentication is a core part of our strategy to protect our data. We already had been using two-­factor authentication from McAfee, which used a one-­time ­password (OTP) method. We needed to quickly move to a new two-­factor authentication provider with a modern solution.”

“I was also looking to move from Juniper VPN to CheckPoint, and I needed a solution that could support both of those use cases and help ease migration,” Adrian added.

The Solution

Adrian met some of the Duo team at the InfoSecurity Europe show in 2016 and saw a demo at the booth. Based on that experience, he said, “I bought the product two weeks later and deployed it to the whole company in a single day, three weeks after our initial meeting.”

Beyond the quick demo of Duo’s solution, Adrian said that ease of deployment, ease of use, and value were all important deciding factors for making the move. There were no initial concerns about switching to Duo: “No, we found Duo was easier to use than our existing solution.”

Betsson’s process for rolling out Duo’s Trusted Access solution to their employees began with their VPN users, followed by extranet services (Atlassian, for example), and then the rest of the company as they deployed to Outlook Web App (OWA). Currently, Betsson is using Duo to protect their Juniper VPN and will continue on to CheckPoint.

Deploying Duo at Betsson

Adrian and his team onboarded 1,500 users in a single day using Duo’s Self-Service Portal. “It happened faster than expected,” Adrian said. “We received very few service requests, and we did find some developers with jailbroken devices almost immediately upon deploying Duo’s Platform solution, which we had to fix.”

“We have users all over the world and offices in Malta, Sweden, Russia, Tallin, Tblisi and London. We protect everyone who uses our systems with Duo –­ that includes developers, engineers, executives, support staff and sales staff,” said Adrian.

Would You Recommend Duo?

“I would absolutely recommend Duo to other companies,” said Adrian. “It’s easy and has a huge breadth of capability compared to other authentication vendors on the market.”

Note: Duo's Platform Edition is now known as Duo Access - with even more features. Please visit our Pricing page to view our latest editions.

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