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The Challenge

“Security is related to everything we do, so we can’t really specify one single concern - rather, it is an overall concern all the time,” said Tuukka Vainiomäki, Senior Specialist of IT Security. “Identity is one huge area of concern, especially now when different cloud services are emerging.”

With security risks top of mind, the company had already recognized the need for two-factor authentication (2FA), and had been using RSA’s token solution when they decided to switch to Duo.

“The requirement [for 2FA] was there, but we needed a better tool than RSA to do it,” Tuukka said. For Enfo, the tokens were a “logistical nightmare,” and it was difficult for their team to keep track of where everything was.

The Solution

One of their senior specialists discovered Duo and tested it out; they found that it worked well for their needs. They started with a small deployment, and have been growing their business with Duo over the years. They now manage over 20 accounts with 6000 users and 46 applications located in Finland and Sweden.

RSA to Duo: Ease of Use, Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

Why did Enfo switch from RSA to Duo? They were looking for ease of use and flexibility, which Duo provided with different authentication methods and easy-to-enroll options. Enfo also chose Duo for the reduced time-to-market, process automation, and cost efficiency.

“We were able to save costs in other areas of the service we provided while the licensing costs stayed at a tolerable level,” Tuukka said.

With over 1000 employees enrolled in Duo’s service, and many customer employees, Enfo can verify user identities when connecting to Enfo’s tools, such as their VPN or internal networks. This helps them ensure that people connect when they need to, and only authorized data gets accessed.

Duo’s service also gave Enfo the flexibility to easily manage users and accounts. By using a parent account to create sub accounts, Enfo enrolled and managed users under those sub accounts. From different operational teams to service desks to the highest-level admins, Enfo can easily manage those different user groups through Duo’s service.

Enfo uses the Duo Beyond edition to leverage its access policy features, requiring users to use strong 2FA to connect to business-critical applications. Duo provided more transparency than RSA for Enfo’s customers on who was using what, enabling them to create and administer rules.

Learn more about Duo vs. Traditional Two-Factor Authentication.

Responsive and Positive Customer Experience

Enfo was initially concerned about managing users and authenticators, as a large part of the solution cost often comes from operational work, which is always a concern for their business.

With Duo, they had options to simplify the authentication process, and manageability was improved when they switched over. When it came to deployment, it took them a few days to get up and running, with some help from Duo to enroll users to the service.

Enfo also loves the quick responses they get from both the Duo Support and account teams.

“Every time we contact Duo, we know that our thoughts are heard and the product is developed all the time,” Tuukka said. “We feel that Duo really listens to the customers and delivers the product we need!”

Working with Duo has also felt more like a partnership, rather than just another vendor relationship.

“It has always felt like working with a colleague...we’re really trying to do something for each other - it’s like a real partnership - and it feels like it too,” Tuukka said.

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