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The Challenge

As a global company working with thousands of large enterprise to SMB customers, Interactive Intelligence knew it needed a cloud-based solution to handle user authentication and trusted access. “We needed a cloud-based, easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution for our 2,000-plus employees located across the world,” said Leon Ravenna, Interactive Intelligence’s Vice President of Security & Compliance.

Another complexity for Interactive Intelligence is that different environments within the organization are using a variety of legacy two-factor authentication offerings.

The Solution

Interactive Intelligence wanted to move beyond the token-based authentication method for users and began deploying Duo’s solution to groups of approximately 50-75 users a day. Those users receive an enrollment email to get set up through Duo’s self-enrollment and are starting to use the self-service portal for one of their customers. Both methods are remarkably easy. With over 1,200 users enrolled so far, Ravenna reports there have been no complaints.

“Rolling out Duo has been really smooth,” Ravenna said. “Only a handful of our employees required additional help with the self-service portal. The Knowledge Base articles have been incredibly useful as well.”

What does Interactive Intelligence protect with Duo?

“We started integrating Duo with our external VPN first, which is a Cisco AnyConnect client,” Ravenna said. “Interactive Intelligence has multiple VPN concentrators around the world. The organization is looking to protect other applications with Duo including OneLogin, Sharepoint and other cloud-based ERP applications.”

What is your BYOD environment like at Interactive Intelligence?

“We have a liberal BYOD policy, which makes it difficult to protect all the unknown and unmanaged endpoints,” Ravenna said. He explains that the company wants to increase productivity by allowing its employees to get work done from wherever they are on whatever devices they need.

Interactive Intelligence does supply its employees with corporate laptops of their choosing—Macs or PCs. “About 70 percent of our users don’t change a thing with those machines,” according to Ravenna. “The other 30 percent fully customize those laptops and go as far as changing the operating system to Linux-based. We have a ton of developers on our team, and those folks need to be able to customize.”

With a liberal bring-your-own-device policy, Ravenna’s team needed to find a way to gain visibility into those devices and create custom policies to ensure users are who they say they are, and their devices are secure enough to access business applications.

Why did Interactive Intelligence choose Duo Access?

Interactive Intelligence upgraded to Duo Access to gain more insight into those unmanaged devices trying to access its network.

Ravenna adds, “Any information we can glean from those devices is valuable. We’re particularly interested in knowing things like whether they’re encrypted, what operating systems they’re using and if they’re using out-of-date browsers.”

How does Interactive Intelligence plan to use Duo moving forward?

Interactive would like to continue replacing all of the old token-based user authentication systems with Duo’s cloud-based solution as possible.

“I’d highly recommend Duo to other companies and have, in fact, already done so. Duo makes it easy,” Ravenna said.

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