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The Challenge

In 2016, NCFTA prepared to a launch a new external facing web application that allowed their partners to share specific threat information. NCFTA is an organization built on trusted information sharing. With this in mind, Julie Dunn, NCFTA Team Lead, explains “NCFTA operates in an environment where traditional login credentials like a username and password security is not enough. That alone creates a false sense of security and can be easily compromised."

The Solution

“Adding two factor authentication is a responsible layer of security needed for an external facing application,” says Julie. “In general, two-factor provides additional user confidence when accessing information and it goes a long way towards securing that information without much effort from our end-users and administrators. Two-factor enhances NCFTA’s ability to validate and confirm who users are and when they are logging in, to help us better ensure that those users are who they say they are.”

As a non-profit organization, NCFTA needed a comprehensive and secure two-factor authentication solution but they were limited by both number of employees to manage such a solution and the myriad of partner organizations they needed to deploy two-factor authentication to.

“Honestly, Duo was very gracious in their offer to partner with NCFTA to help us lock down sensitive data,” Julie says. “Their support is greatly appreciated, allowing us to offer an enhanced overall security for our application.”

How has the overall process of deploying and using Duo gone so far?

“The process of applying Duo’s 2FA service was easily applied not only for our developers but also our daily administrators that are creating new user accounts for our partners.

Would NCFTA recommend Duo Security to other organizations?

“Absolutely. The ease of use, service flexibility, and responsiveness of their support team made a big difference in making our application that relies on 2FA successful.”

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