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The Challenge

With an acceleration of IoT adoption and digital transformation, demand for TechnoPro’s engineers continues to be extremely high. To keep its workforce productive, TechnoPro was keen to deliver flexibility, efficiency and agility. “We’ve been continuously investing in technology to ensure that TechnoPro leads in the new way of working,” said Mr. Binaya Sharma, director, IT Infrastructure Department at TechnoPro.

However, this had to be achieved without compromising on security, particularly with the recent shift to hybrid working where a large proportion of TechnoPro’s workforce accesses the company’s applications and systems remotely.

“Phishing scams have become more sophisticated, and the risk of data breaches has increased. In light of this, we have deployed two-factor authentication which will likely become a standard across the entire company in the future,” said Mr. Kosaku Kimpara, department chief in charge of the IT infrastructure department at TechnoPro.

The Solution

TechnoPro has a large scale of about 20,000 users. Given that some of them were to use personal devices to access company systems and applications, the following three criteria were nominated as requirements for the future secure access solution:

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android to support a variety of devices
  • Excellent usability, including push notifications and one-tap authentication, both of which combine safety and convenience
  • Hardware token mechanism to support users without access to smartphones

Once the solution fulfilled all of the above requirements, its cost and reliability were also considered. Following a proof of concept to assess features and functions, Duo’s secure access solution was selected.

The key consideration was the ability to integrate with TechnoPro’s existing infrastructure and help support evolving business needs. “Unlike other solutions that we considered, Duo can integrate with existing identity platforms (IdP) and has the ability to roll-out multifactor authentication quickly,” said Mr. Sharma.

“Scalability and flexibility to adapt to any future platform changes was also an important evaluation point,” added Mr. Sharma.

Another major advantage was Duo’s speed of deployment and broad coverage of devices and applications. “We’ve finalized deployment in a short period of time and without any significant issues. Distributing manuals tailored to our user base has helped keep helpdesk enquiries in check. In addition, we’ve also managed to encourage smartphone usage and reduce reliance on hardware tokens,” noted Mr. Kimpara.


TechnoPro deployed Duo’s secure access solution to a proportion of users before expanding to its entire workforce. “Because we deployed multi-factor authentication early on, we were able to continue our business operations without any disruption, even during the breakout of the Covid 19 pandemic,” said Mr. Sharma.

“Duo’s modern secure access solution was easy to deploy and it helped us reduce TCO.”

The company seeks to further expand its usage in the future by making Duo’s multi-factor authentication a requirement to access applications that utilize SSO.

The Future

“TechnoPro plans to maintain the remote working environment even after the Covid-19 pandemic is over,” said Mr. Sharma. “The hybrid workplace demands the workforce to be secure, connected and productive from anywhere. For us, this means acceleration of cloud adoption, a solid remote connectivity strategy as well as adoption of secure access service edge (SASE). We are also looking at CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), with a view to consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement and apply them to everything our business utilizes in the cloud— irrespective of the device that is accessing it. We look forward to collaborating with Cisco, and utilizing solutions such as Cisco Any Connect, Cisco AMP for Endpoint, Cisco Umbrella and ThousandEyes - to help us address our future plans,” added Sharma.

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