Authenticate Further and Defend Faster with Higher Security from Duo

Learn how to defend against cunning threats and take on cyber villains in style with a complimentary pair of limited-edition sunglasses.* You'll also have a chance to get Fandango Movie Tickets** to see Marvel Studios' The Marvels, in theaters November 10.

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See Threats Before They Happen

We're gifting live webinar attendees some intergalactically polarized limited-edition sunglasses* to defeat cyber villains in style.

With Duo's powerful trio of super features, you can see and annihilate threats before they breach your defenses.

Want Fandango Movie Tickets to see The Marvels?

During and after the live webinar, attendees located in the US will have a chance to get Fandango Movie Tickets.**

Aviator Glasses with The Marvels and Cisco Duo logos.

The Problem:
Merciless Threats Loom

Cyberthreats lurk in the shadows, poised to exploit any vulnerability and wreak havoc on your organization.

That may sound extreme - but cyber villains are real and can attack on a massive scale. Luckily, you can take back your power and stop them.

Merciless Threats
lightning bolt

The Security Solution:
Reclaim Your Power

line drawing of a phone with a checkmark, a fingferprint, and a lock


line drawing of a shield with a lock on top of it


line drawing of a cloud surrounded by circles connected with lines. there is a fingerprint on top of the cloud

Single Sign-On

Duo's trio of powerful access management features gives you visibility and insights to detect threats, authenticate users, and guard your teams - no matter where they're stationed in the universe.

During our webinar, our heroic security experts will walk through how these features let you confront threats at superhuman speed.

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Join the Ranks of Security Heroes

Captain Marvel, Captain Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel form an unstoppable force in Marvel Studios' The Marvels. Discover how Duo can do the same for you, protecting your devices faster and further than ever before with higher levels of security.

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And remember: Don't miss Marvel Studios' The Marvels, only in theaters November 10.

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The Speakers:
Our Heroic Security Experts

Zoe Lindsey, Security Strategist

Zoe Lindsey, Security Strategist

Zoe Lindsey is a Security Strategist and an early member of the Duo team, joining Duo in 2012 with a background in medical and cellular technology. In her time at Duo, she has advised businesses and organizations of every size on security policy and access security solutions, and shares best practices and recommendations at events and discussion panels nationwide.

J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO

J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO

J. Wolfgang Goerlich is an Advisory CISO for Cisco Duo. He has been responsible for IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals. Wolfgang has led advisory and assessment practices for cybersecurity consulting firms.

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Protect Faster and Further with Higher Security