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One Trusted Access Solution to Simplify Patient Care

Modern security for healthcare organizations. Not just another band-aid.

Modern healthcare requires a new approach to security. Traditional band-aid approaches that cobble together disparate solutions are inadequate, lack the ability to scale, and open the door to risk. Duo’s easy-to-use, comprehensive trusted access solution is a zero-trust security platform that protects patient data, helps meet compliance regulations, removes friction from workflows and eliminates cost and complexity.

Check Up on Your Compliance and Get the Vital Signs on Your Network

Patient care is the top priority for healthcare organizations. Protecting patient data is a close second. Adhering to the HIPAA Security Rule and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) regulations can be complex and resource-intensive. At the same time, more types of devices are accessing protected information through bring your own device (BYOD) and online health records initiatives. You need visibility into and control over who and what is accessing your data and applications.

Defend patient data for security and compliance.

Duo helps you meet the requirements laid out in HIPAA and EPCS, while also delivering comprehensive access reports for compliance audits. You can show who accessed what and when and set granular adaptive policies to reduce your exposure to risk. Visibility into all devices and their security posture - whether managed or unmanaged - further reduces risk and ensures compliance.

Defending Patient Data So You Can Focus on Their Care

Security shouldn’t get in the way of patient care. Introducing new steps to clinician workflows can be disruptive - the goal is to reduce complexity and increase productivity, where legacy security solutions often do the exact opposite. Historically, a mobile device management (MDM) solution would be the answer, but those can be invasive to user privacy, and overly restrictive security policies can disrupt efficiency. At the same time, EPCS workflows are frustrating and time-consuming.

Intuitive and easy to use for streamlined workflows.

Duo removes that friction and streamlines workflows by offering a variety of authentication methods to boost productivity and a single sign-on solution that provides one-time login access to all applications. And the easy to use and easy to enroll platform results in swift deployment. Plus, users can take action and remediate themselves from risk, taking the burden off of IT teams. For admins, it’s a breeze to set access policies that verify the trust in users and their devices and to protect apps without the intrusions inherent with an MDM.

Recover Your Budget and Triage Help Desk Caseloads With a Comprehensive Solution

Throwing additional point solutions at a problem isn’t sustainable. The result is costly and complex infrastructure bogged down by sprawl. Spinning up countless projects frustrates IT and compliance teams that are already stretched thin, drains productivity and overloads help desks. It can be a headache to manage and potentially introduce risk.

Consolidate security solutions to reduce cost and complexity.

Duo’s zero-trust security platform helps you consolidate security tools into a single unified solution – combining multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication, endpoint visibility and remote access and SSO – to reduce help desk burdens and overall deployment costs while improving productivity. You can quickly secure all applications – in the cloud and on-premises – and reduce time-to-security with native integrations and flexible options with APIs and SDKs, all within a single solution.

For healthcare organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo’s [trusted access](/product) solution is an effective, easy and economical zero-trust model to help you meet compliance, streamline workflows and consolidate security to reduce cost and complexity.

An enterprise healthcare CISO's journey to zero trust

An Enterprise Healthcare CISO’s Journey to Zero Trust

Read a detailed account of one healthcare CISO’s experience moving to a zero-trust security model with Duo’s trusted access solution, Duo Beyond. Download our guide: An Enterprise Healthcare CISO’s Journey to Zero Trust.

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