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Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital

“Duo makes it easier to meet regulatory requirements than you ever thought it could be.”
— Kristianto Purnama, Network Systems Engineer


Need: Secure remote access points used by hospital employees.

Industry: Healthcare

Users: 300+ hospital employees

Patient data on hospital networks is only as secure as each account and access point on that network. Driven by an internal audit, The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital wanted to eliminate all such weaknesses, especially at remote access points, and selected Duo's hosted solution to provide a second layer of account access security.

Authentication Made Easy

Hospital employees are already busy and not interested in adding extra steps, gizmos, or technical complexity to their routines. Duo's two-factor authentication doesn't get in the way and lets Eye & Ear's employees stay focused on the business of caring for patients. Whether it's the one-tap convenience of Duo Push or the familiarity of using SMS to receive passcodes, Eye & Ear's employees can authenticate how they want to and can change how they authenticate as the situation, or where they are in the hospital, changes.

Our Hosted Solution Made Duo the Clear Choice

Many other solutions require costly hardware and complicated set up. Duo's cloud-based solution means Eye & Ear only needed to add a few lines of Duo-provided code to their existing servers and web applications to integrate Duo into their login workflows.

Plans That Grow With You

Duo's subscription model let Eye & Ear grow their Duo deployment over time as their admins and their users became comfortable with it. They were able to sign up for a free trial and give it a try. Then they deployed it to a few friendly users to test. Then they rolled it out to a larger, high-impact group. Now they're ready to roll it out to the entire organization. Duo lets your successes with two-factor determine how many users you'll enroll, not some locked down contract terms.

The Results: Account Access Secured

Close to 300 hospital employees were able to self-enroll during the initial enrollment period and are using Duo daily when they log in to Outlook webmail and Citrix for remote access. Eye & Ear plans to roll out Duo to even more of its users and can confidently face their next audit.

Ready to Get Started?

Try out Duo Access for 30 days to get the full Trusted Access experience.