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“The documentation that Duo provides was hands down above and beyond what we were getting from competitors. Everything from the integration with our Juniper VPN, to user self enrollment was clearly laid out for us.”
— Lori Denzer, Information Security Officer


America’s largest vehicle glass specialist

Widely dispersed nationwide mobile sales force provides glass for more than 4 million customers a year

Concerned about protecting logins & PCI compliance

Over 1500 users of their Juniper VPN

Duo’s self enrollment allowed all 1500 users to painlessly deploy two factor authentication on a mix of iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones

“We have a very mobile, fluid environment. We needed the right solution to maintain PCI DSS compliance and protect our data from phishing.”

As the nation’s number one provider of vehicle glass and windshield repair, the Safelite® Group helps America’s drivers maintain a clear view of the road ahead. Information Security Officer Lori Denzer had a clear view of the dangers threatening Safelite’s data and systems, and she didn’t like what she saw. A less than favorable penetration test and the requirements needed to guarantee PCI DSS compliance led her to search for a two-factor authentication solution. She wanted strong authentication that would complement Safelite’s layered security approach. According to Lori, “Two-factor was a requirement for PCI DSS compliance. We wanted to build on the security components we already had in place, including intrusion detection and centralized log management.”

“We wanted to get away from a hardware-based two-factor authentication model”

As she began exploring her two-factor options, Lori wanted to avoid any solution that relied on the use of hardware tokens. “We wanted to use the soft token approach so we didn’t have the expense of additional hardware, plus the additional expense of managing 1500 tokens.” Her short list included RSA and Duo Security. Lori evaluated each solution on scalability, quality of implementation support and ease of use without tokens. As she did her research, Lori said she felt good about the high quality of implementation support offered by Duo, with documentation that anticipated every step of the implementation process. “The documentation that Duo provides was hands down above and beyond what we were getting from competitors. Everything from the integration with our Juniper VPN, to user self enrollment was clearly laid out for us.”

Executive level decision-makers understood the need for adding two-factor authentication for PCI compliance, but they were concerned that adding an extra layer of authentication was going to slow down the sales force and reduce productivity. To put them at ease, Lori let Duo Push do the talking for her. “We showed them how easy Duo is to use. With a simple press of a button you’re in. You’re not fumbling around with tokens. You’re not fumbling around with hardware, or punching in codes. Duo uses existing equipment our users already own. Duo seemed too good to be true to the executives, until they tried it.”

“He was shocked at how quick and easy it was”

Lori knew deploying any two-factor solution to Safelite’s 1500 VPN users had the potential to be a bumpy road. Their VPN users are spread widely from coast to coast. Many of them work out of their vehicle, visiting customers in different locations, and have a critical need to access the VPN several times a day from the road. On top of all that, users had to self-enroll and install the Duo app on whatever type of smartphone they used, from iOS based iPhones to Android and Blackberry phones. “When you’re changing a platform, and changing the way users will be logging in–that’s a huge undertaking. So it was very important that we do everything we could on the IT side to make it as easy as possible.” Lori and her team decided to roll out Duo in a phased approach staggered over eight weeks, so they could handle the flood of calls to the service desk that had followed any new implementation in the past. But that flood of calls never materialized. “We were surprised. We didn’t see much of an increase in our service desk calls. Our users simply weren’t having any issues. Just the other day I had a Technical Account Manager tell me he was shocked at how quick and easy it was.”

Safelite’s IT Administrators loved Duo’s self-enrollment feature, and appreciated how easy it was to integrate Duo with their Juniper VPN. “It was very cut and dry, very straightforward. And once it’s completed, there’s very low maintenance.”

“Duo is a great security partner”

For Lori and the Safelite IT team, Duo’s ease of use is its defining feature. “As a partner, Duo was able to understand that we didn’t want this to be a big deal, we didn’t want this to be a huge undertaking. We just wanted it to work. And it did.”

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